What are we crying out about?

“Classical Music” in the most mainstream sense hasn’t been around for that long, arguably only 400 years and for most of that time it wasn’t really thought of as “classical”. Much of the music that the orchestra plays is taken from the classical cannon but there was a time when all of this music was new. New music wasn’t considered something niche but part of what going to hear live performance was all about. We are crying out to make this true again!

New music and commissioning young composers is at the centre of what this orchestra does and at each concert a new commission or second performance of a new work is at the centre of our program. Just as once hundreds of people went to hear Beethoven’s fifth symphony for the first time, our aim is to enliven the music we know and allow ourselves to hear it in a new context as well as hear new music in a fashion that doesn’t make it niche or separate. Come along and enjoy our concerts…for crying out loud!